What’s Your Routine for Washing Your Face?

What’s Your Routine for Washing Your Face?

Your morning routine? Your evening routine? Whatever you feel like sharing. What’s your routine for washing your face? Do you use micellar water? Makeup wipes? Do you use a washcloth? I know everybody does it a little differently.

For me, in the morning, I wash my face right after I wake up, and how I do it depends on how my skin feels. I’ve been using a retinol at night (Kate Somerville’s), and I’m trying to ramp up to using it three nights a week (Slowly… It’s taking forever because my skin’s just freaking out left and right), but if my face isn’t feeling too dry or sensitive in the morning, I’ll use Clinique’s creamy cleanser — the one in the green tube (sorry, I’m blanking on the name right now). I’ll massage that on to my dry skin, then take a warm, clean washcloth and use that to wipe it away.

Then, I’ll turn the water so it’s ice cold and splash my face a few times, because that really helps me wake me.

And then on the mornings when my skin feels super dry and tight or otherwise uncomfortable, I’ll splash my face with lukewarm water and gently blot it dry with a towel.

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